I know it’s winter, and anything but warm, (or maybe you are a lucky duck and LIVE somewhere warm and balmy) but we need to talk about sun protection!  ESPECIALLY if you are investing time and money into your skincare routine.  Without the proper care of your skin when it comes to the sun, those efforts won’t be doing you much good in the long run.

If you were anything like me as a teen, you spent hours trying to get the perfect tan, forgoing sunscreen, and opting for a crisp sunburn instead.  Now, almost halfway through my 40’s, I can honestly say that  I wish I had listened to my fathers advice/insistence that I lather up.  I would go so far as to “pretend” I was putting on sunblock just to appease him (not sure what made me think I could fool him when I showed up hours later with red skin and new freckles on my nose).

I would say that in the last 10 years I have really started noticing the effects of all that unprotected time in the sun.  Especially on my face.  Fine lines seem to be appearing in a rapid fashion and I swear I have a new “age spot” appearing on the regular.  So, what can we do to repair? There are a myriad of steps we could go through, but for the sake of simplicity, I am sharing three of the most beneficial and cost effective steps you can easily implement to start seeing results.  

#1. And probably the most important, is to use a daily facial moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30, even in the winter months.  We want to build a solid foundation to ensure that your investment yields the results you are looking for, so prevention is key.   I am in love with CLE Cosmetics CCC Cream which comes in a variety of shades, gives the most dewy finish and has an SPF of 30-50!  If you don’t want a tinted moisturizer, I suggest going with Nuria’s Defend Matte Finish Daily Moisturizer with an SPF of 30.  

#2. Befriend a Vitamin C Serum.  Vitamin C is a powerful and beautiful antioxidant that has the ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines, boost collagen production, and brighten your overall complexion.  My personal favorites are CLE Vitamin C Elixir and KORRES Apothekary Wild Rose Brightening Absolute Oil. 

#3. Be consistent with your skincare routine and think about adding in an exfoliator such as KORRES Apothekary Wild Rose Petal Soft Cream Exfoliator or Nuria Defend Gentle Exfoliator to the mix. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and aids in revitalizing your complexion.  

And last but not least, get good sleep, eat antioxidant rich foods, and remember to HYDRATE.



CLE Cosmetics CCC Cream

CLE Cosmetics Vitamin C Elixir

KORRES - Apothekary Wild Rose Brightening Absolute Oil

KORRES - Apothekary WIld ROse Petal Soft Cream Exfoliator

Nuria - Defend Matte Finish Daily Moistuizer All - Mineral SPF 30

Nuria - Defend Gentle Exfoliator for All Skin Types


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