Thoughts on Grief

Thoughts on Grief

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November 21st, 2023

A heavy topic to start this blog off with, I know, but in the spirit of showing up authentically, this is where I landed.  For those of us wading through grief, in whatever form it takes, know that I am with you.  I don't think we do a great job of embracing grief as a collective experience. In reality, grief is always encircling us, touching the whole of humanity in a myriad of ways.  So how do we show up authentically when the unimaginable happens?  How do we support, love, and carry those who need it most?  Our ego's aside, embracing the raw emotion and allowing space for whatever it is that comes to the surface.  It seems to me that holding this sacred space is the most loving offering.  Showing up in solidarity, bearing witness to the enormity of it all.  Confirming and affirming over and over again the lived experience of those most directly impacted.   

I definitely don't have any answers, this is just my attempt to put into words the thoughts ruminating in my head.  My hope is for this space to be one of authentic conversation, where we can offer support and uphold one another in the best of times and the worst of times.



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