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Apothekary - Cordyceps - Your Daily Dose of Good Feels

Apothekary - Cordyceps - Your Daily Dose of Good Feels

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Good to know

  • Stress Support
  • Energy-Boosting
  • Immune Support

What it is

‘Shrooms anyone? Functional shrooms that is! This adaptogenic fungi is non-psychedelic but will rock your world with its stress-busting and immunity-boosting properties. If you face lethargy or mental and physical blocks, cordyceps can help you move past them.

Made for you if...

Originally found in the high mountains of the Himalayas, cordyceps are a non-psychedelic mushroom, with stress-busting and energizing properties. In the wild, cordyceps are pretty rare, and were historically reserved for royalty. Our sustainably-farmed cordyceps will help to get you in tip-top shape with their cognitive boosting benefits, keeping the mind sharp and muscle tone even sharper.

When to take:

Although cordyceps are caffeine-free, their adaptogenic properties may feel energizing to some. This mushroom is best enjoyed earlier in the day, before 3:00pm.

Mix with:

Coffee, maple syrup, and chai spices for an energizing body boost.

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