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Apothekary - Float Your Bloat, our seasonal gut healer

Apothekary - Float Your Bloat, our seasonal gut healer

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Feel like you need to gut it together in the gut health department? You’re not alone! Gut dysbiosis* and intestinal permeability** have become far too common today and are often the root cause of many health issues, ranging from skin flare ups, sugar cravings, bloating, thyroid conditions, headaches, joint pain, stress, and more. To ensure you can feel your best from brain to bowels this summer, our limited edition Float Your Bloat is focused on healing the gut!

WHAT IT DOES: This is our limited-edition herbal blend that supports vital aspects of gut health, including the integrity of the gut lining and a balanced microbiome. The plants found in this blend vary in function, either 1) helping soothe and restore the lining of the gut or 2) feeding good bacteria to promote diversity in the gut microbiome and decrease inflammation.

WHAT'S IN IT: marshmallow root, astragalus root, burdock root, ceylon cinnamon, and blue butterfly pea flower.

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