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Apothekary - Releaf, for metabolism and immune system support.

Apothekary - Releaf, for metabolism and immune system support.

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Meet Releaf, our limited edition (and exclusive 22 servings size) Signature Blend formulated to support your metabolism and immune system. It’s a warming, grounding blend that tastes as good as it is for you.

WHAT IT DOES: It’s an immune building powerhouse, metabolism booster, digestion aid, and anxiety reducer thanks to the adaptogenic power of Schisandra Berry. Releaf was curated to support our body in its natural detoxification process, clearing unwanted debris and strengthening our immune system for the season ahead.

WHAT’S IN IT: Releaf features Elderberry, Beetroot, Schisandra Berry, MCT Oil, Ginger and Clove.

TASTES LIKE: A perfect, crisp fall day in a mug. With a color reminiscent of seasonal foliage, a rustic berry flavor and your favorite seasonal spices, this blend is ‘curl up on the couch with your favorite blanket’ worthy.

PAIRS WELL WITH: raw honey (straight from the jar works for us!), warm oat mylk, or simply some hot water for a quick immune boosting power

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