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Lamare - Vision Board Kit: You can do big things

Lamare - Vision Board Kit: You can do big things

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Are you ready to achieve your dream life? 

Vision board kit contains everything you need for a perfect vision board. 

What's included: 

130 Printed cards with double side prints (pictures in front and quotes on the back)

20 Blank cards (in case you'd like to add something of your own) 

Box for the cards

Standing vision board with 18 slots for the cards

Goals workbook - identify what your goals are for each area of your life

Giftable box packaging 

How to use: 

Start with figuring out your goals and dreams. The workbook will guide you in this process. 

Choose the cards from the deck that represent your goals. You can also utilize some blank cards included in the set to add something of your own here. 

Insert the cards into the slots of the board. Make sure to slide them in from the top to the bottom of the slot. The little "wings" on each side of the slot will hold the cards in place. 

Place the board somewhere where you can see it daily and start visualizing your goals. 

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